FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How does Gupid work?

- After you register an account on Gupid, we will show you some recommended profiles based on the criteria you set in the registration.

- You need to upload a public or private photo to Like, Super Like or Pass these recommended profiles by tapping the "Heart" button, "Star" button or "X" button.

- If you like or Super Like someone and he likes you back, you can initiate the chat for free!

Q: What's "Super Like"?

By tapping the yellow star icon when looking at someone's profile, you let that special someone know that they stand out from everyone else. Notification will be sent to the Super Liked member immediately. And when he likes back on your Super Like, it'll be an immediate match!

Standard members can send out one Free Super Like per day. VIP members can send out five Super Likes per day.

Q: Why does it ask me to edit filters while I am browsing profiles?

When there are no more recommended profiles, this page will show up. In such situation, we would suggest you edit the filter options like Intention, Ethnicity, Body Type, Height and so on to expand the search range and get more recommended profiles.

Q: Why did I fail to get my photo verified?

You have to strictly follow our photo verification tips to get your photo verified. Mainly the reasons why you failed to get your photo verified are:

- Your verification photo is vague.

- You are not in the first public/private photo.

- Your first public/private photo is vague. (e.g.: if you wear sunglasses, we cannot see your face clearly)

- There are several people in your first public/private photo that we cannot distinguish which one is you. Please make sure only you are in the first public/private photo.

- When taking the photo on the photo verification page, you did not use the thumb-up gesture.

- No public or private photo in your account.


If you still have problem to get your photo verified, please contact us at: support@Gupid.co.

Q: Can I upload a private photo instead of public photo and get it verified?

Yes, you can choose to upload a private photo to browse profile and get it verified.

Q: How to delete the photos in my public/private albums?

Please click "Manage public/private photo" on your profile page. Then tap the photo you want to delete and follow the tips in the pop-up window. However, you have to keep at least one public/private photo to get more attention and matches.

Q: Why did I get the notification that my photo has been verified, but actually it has not?

You need to wait for a while for "My Profile" page to refresh to show your photo's verification status. Or log out the app and log in to check the status again.

Q: Why was my photo removed? Why has the order of my photos been changed?

A: We review all profiles and photos manually. During the review, we will set the clearest and most attractive one as your Profile Photo to help you get more matches. And we will also remove the photos which do not comply with our Terms of Use.

Q: Why did I get the notification that someone likes/sent me a message, but after I opened the app, there was nothing?

- If you also liked the member, then you are a match/mutual like. For matches/mutual likes, they will not appear on "Prospects > Likes me" page, they will apear on "Prospects > Matches" page.

- If you disliked the member, he will not appear on any page of "Prospects".

- Gupid has hundreds of new profiles per day and many users find matches very quickly on our app. If you do not check our app timely, the user who likes you / sent you the message might have already found his match and left our app.

- Some users might be removed from our app due to the violation of our Terms of Use.

Q: How to cancel/delete/deactivate my account?

To cancel/delete/deactivate your account, please go to "My profile > Settings > Account" page.

Welcome back to have a look in the future.

Q: What to do if I forgot my password or could not log in?

You may request to reset the password. Here are the steps:

Login Page -> Tap the ? icon in the Password item -> Reset Password Page -> Input your registered email -> Check your email box -> Click the resetting link -> Input your new password.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

- Deactivating/Cancelling your account does not mean your free trial/paid subscription has been cancelled.

- We cannot cancel the subscription at our end. Only the user himself/herself can do it.

If you subscribed using your Apple ID, please go to your iTunes Account Settings to cancel your subscription.

If you subscribed using your Google Play Store account, please follow the tips below to cancel your subscription:

    Open the Google Play Store app.
    Using the left hand menu, select 'Account'.
    Go to 'Subscriptions' and select 'Gupid'
    Select Cancel or Unsubscribe.